“Smurfs are peo…

“Smurfs are peopl etoo”

The screams of felled Bugbear , Hobgoblin and Orc still ring in your ears, as a group you overcame them pushing them back and outright destroying most. These twisting halls have lead you across the path of a minotaur and the controlled legion of undead at the necromancers bidding. Ozwald is ever ready with nimble fingers and even a few short spells to help cull the enemy heard. JAx and Ranicus making liquid magic for the less inclined and assisting with squelching the enemy orcs with liquid fire poured down a former chimney chute. You have carved your ways through these caves of chaos and are certain the fight is not yet over. Now your party approaches the halls of the dead the bastion of dread, you do get an eerie feeling. These necromancers deal death in part and parcel with unlife. Reanimating the corpses of fallen foes and other horrors. They will have no mercy upon you and you should have less upon them. The cave mouth is agape waiting to swallow you in darkness of its inner reaches, can you get your door prize and escape uncathed, or  will these halls be your tomb,  short time will tell.